Everyone these days seems to be on some kind of journey.

I am not sure if I have landed...or just getting started.


Hi my name is Kendall.  Back in 2009 I was one of the (older) single ladies contentedly residing in the heart of Manhattan in a small but cute studio apartment. The days found me working my butt off as a publicist for a mid-sized PR firm and the evenings just blended so seamlessly into the mania of it all that I never knew where my job ended and my personal life began. It was a good life but one in which I worked too much, slept too little and drank just enough to remind me every morning that something had to give. I assumed it would be one of my internal organs. And then something unexpected happened.

When Two Cultures Collide

Following an alarming amount of FIRST dates on Match.com worthy of their own “When Dates Go Terribly Wrong” reality TV programming, I met the tall, dashing German - known from this blog forward as V - who not only swept me off my feet but right on out of the country to start life anew as an American expat in Germany. In packing up my New York life, I rather effortlessly said "Auf Wiedersehen" to all that felt wildly comfortable (I had a good job) and relatable (black woman with afro moves to homogenous society that is most definitely not made up of black people with afros) entering unknown territory that left me thrilled for the adventure of it all but naive enough to not fully grasp how damn hard it sometimes had to be. The tail end of 2015 stood as the five year anniversary of that move and so in recognition of both my leap of love as well as faith, I launch this blog as both a look back on the experiences that have led me here and to chronicle all the stories destined to unfold.

Who Cares Harlem Hausfrau - What's in it for Me?

For those of you who stumble upon this site and wondering why in the world you should bother to read it...well in the interest of full disclosure you should know that I will not be sharing recipes on how to eat vegan German-style (note my food needs veer heavily towards red meat in its most bloodiest of form.) I also won’t be sharing with you tips on how to easily transition a classic pump from day into evening wear as my countryside footwear is of the water and poop-proof kind. And lastly I won't be sharing with you tricks on how to expertly secure a diaper in under a minute because that experience extended only so far as our dog Rosa before we had her fixed. Despite this, I do hope my blog is seen as something for those who might find themselves on the cusp of making a move such as mine and glean a few (curious) insights, for those who have already made the move and can actively share in both the fun and struggles of it all and most definitely for those who plan to stay firmly rooted in their Motherland and might enjoy a bit of a ride-along as I run, jump and stumble my way through bridging the cultural gap here in "das Vaterland."

Ten Quick Things to Know About Me:
  1. I love Harlem. I am not from Harlem. I did however live in Harlem and because of this shared insight, this is where the locals (and sometimes even my husband) seem to think I am from.
  2. I believe genius TV started and stopped with the “The Golden Girls.”
  3. The only two questions I asked V before packing up my well-established life in NYC and moving with him unemployed and uninsured  to Germany was a) Do black people live there? b) Do you have cable? I can’t guarantee that I asked it in that order.
  4. I have spent and continue to spend an unconscionable amount of time and money on perfecting my afro.
  5. My considerable fascination with true crime has lead me to believe that I have missed my life's calling to work for the FBI.
  6. Learning German is slowly killing me. I so applaud the Germans for mastering it.
  7. I live with Rosa. She is our dog. I used to hate dogs. I now love dogs, especially Rosa.
  8. I am a self-certified sci-fi nerd whose singular, greatest wish is for First Contact to take place during this lifetime and be elected a member of Earth’s Welcoming Coalition.  
  9. I have become intimately familiar with the cultural stereotypes held by Germans regarding Americans and have made it my life’s mission to single-handedly dismantle those of the most glaring nature. I am proud to say that my lack of a concealed weapons permit has been a significant door-opener.
  10. I wear my Hausfrau title with the private dignity with which Hester wore her Scarlet A .


This is a personal blog. The stories and opinions represent that of mine and mine alone. Some names have been changed to protect the innocent and even those I deem guilty.