Honesty is the Best Policy?

“Oh look, you have gained weight,” MILO exclaimed. 

“Excuuuuseeee me?” I gasped in horror, as my eyes narrowed on my mother-in-law. 

Now one would think that based on the extreme altering of my facial features that MILO would have recognized this was not a ‘Harlem Hausfrau-friendly’ topic of conversation and it was time to change the subject at hand – fast.  MILO appeared not to read me on this – or did she?

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Mother-in-Law-Olga...Better Known as MILO

At 87 years young and sharp as a tack, my Mother-in-Law is without question, a force to be reckoned with. Opinions ohne Ende (without an end)  and an array of off-color commentary to match, she is (hard stop) one of the most opinionated (albeit at times brutally so) people I know.  Ours is solid relationship, one that comes with an understanding and a level of warmth that five years in still leaves me laughing in disbelief one minute and gritting my teeth the next.

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